Super Mario Advance 2 In The New Dinosaur Land

Super Mario Advance 2 is one of the remarkable in the part of the first SNES Mario World. It builds with the new features and still working hard to update the major classic arcade games. This game allows playing multiplayer on to go so it will be more comfortable for the fresh player to enjoy playing such the game with full interest and fun at every time. This game found in the same part of the virtual consoles and it built with the two legit copies of the respective Mona Lisa hanging.

The story of the game is princess have to kidnapped Scenario and he has to protect her from clutches of the same browser and it looks as same. There is nothing added in this part of the storyline which is part of the game taken in the Dinosaur land which is more thrilling and gets a new experience on playing. This new game has not let to go back to play in the same Mushroom kingdom. In the Gameboy advance is a little bit more updated and also it same storyline but it is one of the other option added in the part of the SNES version in a fine manner.

 Characters Super Mario Advance 2:

Basically, the usual cast includes the Mario, browser, peach, yoshis and different army of underlings. Then it has no toads out in the part of the installation which is due to the fact which their new world and other than newly update Mushroom kingdom. The new character fit to games design which is more interesting and fun to enjoy playing games with the number of new characters but you cannot find out more than Nintendo


It is the same as when coming to installation, the games are bit stronger to play with SMB over the SMB3. It is well updated and increase SMB3 powers ups. The player can collect the fire flower from the part of the SMB and also collect power cap same to Raccoon micro power the SMB3 has the lot of the powerups that the other gameplay below the water to fly. In the part of the Gameboy Advance, it will be added coins for Yoshi and Dragon in the part of ghost houses.

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It has castles along with 2 player’s modes and it can replace with the ability to play with more comfort. Hope the player can simply get new style on playing like hold practically to different things at the time of the Yoshi riding, jumping, higher and staying afloat with more comfort.

 Best Graphics Support:

This Super Mario Advance 2 designed with the 16 bit and effective graphic design over the games. Hence it is quite an adventure to enjoy playing the games with full fun and support. The browser can find out the graphical problem with a game like design enemies, shape color, hammer brother fails to look s hammer brother and much more. In these games, the most of sprites deliver a great look and also the level design is at the best games. The Gameboy Advance version is a little bit lesser over the colors so it is nice for playing with the GBA.


The sound effect in the game looks comfort and it is quite easy to loops to great effect but not only noticeable. Hope it is echo sound effect added in the part of the cave such the dungeons that are really good to enjoy playing the games. Each part of the monsters pop out, castles and also swimming and much more interesting sound effect at the time of the playing such games with real fun and entertainment.


In the game, the player can enjoy a pretty much the entire tracks in the part of the SMW and it is new but not a single track in part of the remix. Hope the old SMB games left to go down and find out the new tracks that make up for lack of retro music. All the music is done and find out the valley of the browser which is well done to play with more comfort and entertainment. Then the length of the Super Mario Advance 2  is up to 50 levels to win and you end of the given as per the given 1 hour. In order to complete the whole level, the player has spent a lot of the time such as the switches, bosses and another secretor zone. Therefore it will be quite easy and simple for the player to start play without meeting any risk and trouble of it.


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